How our BitMix works?

The Bitcoin Mixer(bitmix)uses a unique algorithm to shuffle Bitcoin and protect your identity. This algorithm works by adding your coins into the pool of coins, and there it mixes up your coins with other coins possessed by other people. After mixing, you will get clean and untraceable coins., which provides Bitcoin mixing services, continues to be at the forefront of improving the usability of Bitcoin, especially in terms of privacy. "Bitcoin mix," one of the representative services that provide mixing services, has recently improved its service function by incorporating a blending service of Ethereum.

We give our clients the ability to mix coins and achieve security in the process. When sent, coins are mixed up with a series of other transactions through a mixer with over 2000 coins reserved. Combining this with the myriad of transactions processed in the past makes it virtually impossible to pinpoint the source and endpoint. The reserve's size also allows you to process transactions almost instantly without worrying about the timely delivery of coins.

How our BitMix tumbler is Unique from other BitMixers

It is designed after complete research of the bitcoin users' needs and priorities. The notch priority of this popular bitcoin mixer is privacy and security.

Following are the most demanded features

  • Advanced security encryption algorithm
  • Convenient and fast service
  • Low fee and custom mixing fee
  • The Letter of Guarantee
  • Supports Bitcoin mixing, Litecoin mixing, Ethereum mixing and Dash Mixing

  • Transaction Fees of BitMixr

    The minimum fee of this Bitmix is 0.5% plus 0.0005 BTC for every new transaction. But we recommend you use our custom fee method for better blockchain analysis. We offer discounts for our regular users, and the tip of this mixing service is to Mix more and pay less.

    In three simple steps you will get new absolutely clean coins


    Create an order

    Specify the receiving addresses for the clean coins, select fee and delay, and that's all - your order is formed.


    Send your coins

    Send your coins that you want to shuffle. The unique wallet address will be specified in your order.


    Get clear coins

    Once the mixing process is complete, we will send you new, clean coins, with the delay you chose when creating the order.

    Customers about us

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Questions and answers that may be interesting and useful for you

    What is a virtual currency "mixing service"?

    A Bitcoin mixing service is a service that protects the privacy and anonymity of users by mixing multiple remittance data . By mixing, you can make it impossible to track where the cryptocurrency was sent from where.

    Is BitMix Bitcoin mixer safe?

    Yes,100 % safe

    How does it work?

    We have already prepared pre-blended bitcoins for you. All you have to do is click on the Join link , fill in the form containing the list of your outputs (the address to which the anonymous bitcoins will be sent) and confirm the transaction by sending the same amount of bitcoins (plus the commission) to ours bitcoin address. The mixed bitcoins will then be sent back to you automatically.

    Do you charge any fees?

    Charges 2-5% random commission per transaction.

    What to do if the browser crashes during the coin mixing process?

    If the participation has already been paid for, then the mixing process will continue on our server and the outputs will be processed automatically. You can also check the status of your participation at any time by visiting the permanent link stated in the Letter of Guarantee.

    What happens if I send less than the required amount of bitcoins?

    Our service will only process the transaction if you send the right amount of bitcoins to the input address. If you send less than the requested amount of bitcoins then click on the "Adjust Output Values" button located at the bottom of the participation overview. If not, our service would put the operation on hold and you will need to contact us to resolve the issue. We can also cancel the operation completely if you wish (send us the Letter of Guarantee together with a refund address).

    How long does the mixing process take?

    Due to the fact that our reserve is large and currently holds over $ 1.2 million, you won't have to wait for someone else to send their coins and your shuffled coins. Blending is often done instantly and the coins are sent back as soon as your coins come in. Make sure you send a decent amount in the network fee along with the transaction to prevent the coins from being sent further due to the low miner rewards. In addition, in order to ensure that third parties do not examine the fees to find similarities in the nature of the transactions made by you, we allow a time delay for each forwarding address setting to receive the btc.

    How many confirmations do you need to accept transactions?

    The number of confirmations required depends on the volume of the transaction: Less than 25 BTC - 1 confirmation; Less than 250 BTC - 3 confirmations; Less than 1000 BTC - 4 confirmations; More than 1000 BTC - 5 confirmations.

    What if I accidentally closed the browser window before receiving confirmation of my transfer?

    There is no need to worry. There is no need to stay on the page once the inbound address has been delivered. Transfers are processed automatically based on the order lot within 24 hours.

    Is Bitcoin tumbling legal?

    Yes,it is legal.

    How long is the incoming address valid?

    The generated addresses are only valid for approximately 24 hours. The data is completely deleted after the period. Future payments to addresses are ignored.

    What records do you keep?

    Logs of any nature are not kept. We also do not store any information that can be used to identify users. All logs are deleted regularly to increase the organizational efficiency and security of the users who rely on us to maintain their privacy.

    What is the maximum transaction size?

    The maximum amount of money that can be sent depends on the Bitcoin reserves within the service and the total amount of coins within the system. Due to our interests in protecting your privacy, we do not send coins that have been sent by you to our reserve. The system automatically deletes the coins you sent when returning the mixed coins. If there is a limit to the number of coins you can send, we will notify you during the order process.

    Is there a minimum transaction size?

    Due to the nature of our operations, we do not accept transactions smaller than .001 BTC. We consider smaller transactions as donations made to our system.

    Can i trust you with large amounts of BTC?

    The fact that we hold over 2000 BTC should testify to the amount of skins we have in the game. Our reservations are publicly demonstrated on BitcoinTalk ( 1 , 2 , 3 ). We don't profit by running away with your coins, but rather by running longer in the business. If you feel insecure about sending large amounts of coins, you can instead choose to send money over a longer period of time in a number of transactions. The code inside the mixer ensures that your coins are never mixed with your coin and sent back. This ensures security, transparency and anonymity

    What is a letter of guarantee?

    The moment you are provided with a Bitcoin address for sending coins to mix, we provide a digitally signed confirmation to verify that the address provided was generated by our server. This helps you confirm the legitimacy of the transaction and make sure the coins are being sent to the right address. This token is proof of our obligations and users are required to save it before sending coins to us. As your data is deleted from our servers, this is the only proof that we have transacted with you and aids in future checks for support or related functions.

    What is a CoinMixer code?

    The first time you interact with our system and trade coins, you are given a code. This code is then used to ensure that your coins are not mixed with any of the previous coins sent to our reserves during future transactions. This is a key component of what allows us to ensure your privacy and security.

    Why should i set up a custom rate?

    This is done to ensure your privacy and security. In case someone knows your service fee, they will be able to analyze the publicly available ledger called the Blockchain to see how and when your transactions were made and understand the target account. For example, if 100 Btc is sent with a flat fee of 0.5 percent + 0.00005 Btc, a total of 99.4995 Btc would be received on the other side. For someone looking to track your transactions it won't be hard to keep an eye on the fee and see what's going on. Even if multiple addresses are used, we will not be able to guarantee your security due to the similarity in the nature of your transactions.

    Are the bitcoin mixing service, the bitcoin tumbler and the bitcoin laundry the same thing?

    Yes, those are all synonyms.

    Does it saves the log?

    It doesn't save logs, so organizations and individuals can't ask questions about your activity. This is done for system storage optimization and user anonymity. supports incomplete transactions?

    Stores only information about incomplete transactions (bitcoin transactions sent with the lowest minor charges take about 3 days).

    Does this service collects emails?

    The service does not save emails from contact forms. The email will be deleted 24 hours after opening.

    Do this mixer collect personal data?

    When the transaction ends, the service does not store such information and cannot provide any information about Bitcoin received or sent from the mixer.

    This bitcoin mixer is fully automated?

    Bitcoin mixing is fully automated and works without human intervention. When the mixer is done, all relevant information will be deleted.

    Is Bitcoin mixer traceable?


    Is your service accessible via Tor?

    You can access our service via it's clearnet domain, but we recommend using the following Tor URL instead: http://bitmixorflykuxu56uxy7gf5o6ggig7xru7dnihc4fm4cxqsc63e6id.onion

    How can I contact you?

    Use email. The contact information is on the bottom of this page.